Even as a child, Wylie Jones has always shown an affinity towards creating and performing music, singing his first words. He began playing the piano at age 7 and picked up the guitar at age 13. As a young man he was inspired heavily by Kirk Hammett of Mettalica and Jimmy Page/Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin. He remembers jamming out with his brother in their grandparents attic after discovering some Led Zeppelin albums up there. The two most life changing and pivotal musical moments in Jones life were being introduced to Bob Marley’s music and seeing Fredrick “Toots” Hibbert perform for the first time. These two reggae sensations were fathers to Jones as an adolescent. Their music moved him to follow a peaceful path.

While Wylie breathes music from the heart of his being, he has yet another passion, long distance hiking. He has hiked the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, more than half of the Continental Divide Trail, the Colorado Trail (a few times), the Teton Crest Trail and countless other overnight and day hikes equaling over 10,000 miles travelled by foot on trail. Much inspiration for his songs (as well as his trail name “Crazy Horse”) came from experiences (from the highest highs to the lowest lows) on these walks.

Wylie was lead vocalist/guitarist for Antero Reggae Band for 10 years. And he has also been keyboardist for Dubskin for the past 3 years

Jones has also shared the stage with Toots and the Maytals, Culture, Awareness Arts Ensamble, Corey Harris, The Wailers, Gregory Isaacs, The Itals, Steel Pulse, The Abbysynians, The Meditations, Frankie Paul, Everton Blender, Morgan Heritage, Groundation, Michael Franti, Spear Head and Soldiers of Jah Army. Jones has sung backup vocals for Culture featuring Kennyata Hill, Puma Ptah (vocalist of Thievery Corporation) and Corey Harris.

Wylie “Crazy Horse” Jones is currently touring in CO with his solo loop project, playing keys with Dubskin and Harry Mo & THE crew.  While also collaborating with many other artists to offer special performances.